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And all this stress is not helping me im scared of going into

That’s quite interesting. I know some folks who have kids at Ivies, or Ivy esque colleges that were recruited to play a sport. The parents always say “they don’t have scholarships, so x had to get admitted into y based on their overall credentials (academics, etc.).” From what you’re saying it’s not quite that way […]

It’s not as easy as calling up Nike and ordering up a few

“Colts merchandise is still very popular,” said Ziemann cheap nfl jerseys, who also serves as deputy director of the Sports Legends Museum. “The different jerseys the Unitas jersey, of course, is a very hot item. We also have Lenny Moore jerseys, helmets. It will eventually help Wipro place to position itself in the software as […]

But you’re right: there are a lot of negative attitudes about

I dunno about that vibrators, it a maybe from me. I fucking love Castlevania and while the Netflix show is good, it isn perfect and does go off the rails a bit story wise and who it chooses to focus on. I like to think he would stay more faithful to something like Berserk but […]