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A Shazam that detects chauvinist songs

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A Shazam that detects chauvinist songs

The app is created by Spanish students of 4th of ESO from a Valencian institute

    Las Naves and the Institute of Secondary Education Malilla de Valencia have created an application for mobile devices that allows to detect sexist songs automatically and store them in a municipal database.

This initiative of the IES Malilla students has started with the launch of a campaign to create the observatory aimed at controlling the diffusion of misogynistic messages through digital platforms or conventional radio channels.

   According to the Councilor for Innovation, Jordi Peris, this application “will work in a similar way to Shazam, an application that detects songs to identify them automatically”.

It is a line of work “that combines innovation, participation, education and, above all, the fight for equality”, Peris asserted.

Users of the app can also save comments with opinions on the subject, identify where they have heard it, and check the list of detected songs.

The intention is that this application be made known through a citizen awareness campaign, and that its services be extended to videos and images, as well as that the information that is registered in the municipal database and shared in the open data platform of the City Council so that anyone can consult it as an educational or informative tool.

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