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BQ presents its two new smartphones and its first 3D printer with Android

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BQ presents its two new smartphones and its first 3D printer with Android

Aquaris X, Aquaris X Pro and the Witbox Go printer! promise to “revolutionize” the domestic technology market

   The technological BQ has presented on Tuesday its two new smartphones, the Aquaris X and the Aquaris X Pro, in addition to Witbox Go !, the first 3D printer in the world with Android operating system. “The best mobiles and the best printer we have ever made”, has been defined by Rodrigo del Prado, co-founder and deputy general manager of the Spanish company.

   Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro guide the new range of smartphones that will hit the market in May of this same 2017 with many improvements and qualities that bring them closer to premium models. BQ is committed to photography with its new terminals, trying to completely revolutionize this concept, introducing sensors oriented to low light situations.

The camera application has been redesigned with respect to previous models of the brand, with the aim of further optimizing performance and improving its efficiency. Thanks to new features such as Multi-Image Processing technology and instant ZSL shooting, sharper images are achieved. In addition, the X Pro model incorporates an innovative Samsung 2L7 sensor with 12 megapixels, able to stabilize the focus.

   Both have front flash for the 8MP front camera and 4K video recording with Vidhance stabilizer that stabilizes the image while recording in motion. “Another of the strengths of these new BQ is the screen, both mount the same, with 5.2 inches and Full HD resolution that reproduces more than 16 million colors,” said Iván Castro, project manager director.

They incorporate batteries of 3100 mAh of fast charge, to achieve the greater energetic efficiency. The processor seeks the best autonomy of the terminal and reduce the heating, the Aquaris X has 3GB of RAM (32 GB), while the X Pro has 4GB of RAM (64 or 128 GB). The two new models will have the latest version of Android, 7.1.1.

The audio has also been improved, emphasizing the headphones, avoiding distortion, increasing bandwidth and improving compatibility with bluetooth devices, as well as incorporating a USB type C.

In the X Pro model, a new material is introduced, the 3D glass, which brings elegance and brings it closer to higher ranges. Both will go on sale in two colors, a white and a black. The launch prices are € 279.90 for Aquaris X; and € 359.90 for Aquaris X Pro 64GB and 399.90¤ for Aquaris X Pro 128GB.

Witbox Go!

With this new printer, which will go on the market during the third quarter of 2017 and its price will be around 600 €, the Spanish technology tries to bring 3D printing to homes and all types of public, not just advanced users. It is light, of minimalist design, it is manufactured in Spain and it is, above all, very easy to use. It is the first in the world to incorporate an Android operating system and a Qualcomm processor.

You can print from your mobile or computer in just one click. 3D printers have the potential to become as indispensable tools as computers have become, but for this we must bring this technology to people, that is the goal of Witbox Go !, said Del Prado.

The BQ 3D printer is wireless, lightweight, quiet and easy to use. Stresses its aesthetics, only weighs 5 kilos, incorporates a noise reduction system and a print volume of 14cm X 14cm X 14cm. Technologically it incorporates filament sensor, blocking detection, self-leveling by electronic contact and end-of-stroke detection.

All thanks to state-of-the-art components that minimize adjustments and automate most processes. It has an advanced printing base, does not require adhesives and integrates a clean hotend. It avoids the technical parameters and can select the quality of impression, to greater quality more precision and more time of elaboration.

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