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Employment in e-commerce will grow 8% this year

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Employment in e-commerce will grow 8% this year

Technology, digital marketing and transport will be the leading sectors

     Employment in electronic commerce will grow 8% this year compared to 2016, both in direct and indirect positions, and it will be the profiles linked to logistics and transport, technology and digital marketing that will experience a greater increase, according to Adecco’s forecasts.

The human resources group warns that this strong employment growth could produce “a certain shortage of professionals”, since demand will grow faster than the number of people trained in this field will.

   The Adecco Logistics and Transport division calculates that two out of every three jobs created in 2017 in the sector will have to do directly or indirectly with electronic commerce.

The companies that will hire the most staff in the ‘e-commerce’ are those related to marketing services, the purchase or sale of newspapers, discs or books, those related to transport, fashion and accessories, purchase or tickets to entertainment and culture shows and other recreational activities, travel and tourism, and computer services, according to Adecco.

The human resources group explains that the growth of sales ‘on line’ in Spain has triggered the demand for certain professional profiles traditionally linked to sectors such as logistics and transport.

The rise of electronic commerce has also stimulated the demand for professional technology profiles, such as specialized software engineers, ‘Growth Hackers’, App developers or web programmers.

“There is a need for technological profiles in the e-commerce sector, where the web ecosystem is increasingly important, and we are experiencing the growth of these profiles, where an increase of 3% is estimated every year until 2020,” Adecco emphasizes. .

The development of electronic commerce has led to the creation of new jobs, such as the ‘E-commerce Manager’, the figure responsible for managing the business ‘online’, as well as marking the strategy for achieving the Established goals.

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