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Pictures where to watch television

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Pictures where to watch television

Samsung presents its new The Frame devices at the Louvre, televisions that are hung from the wall with invisible cables and show works of art while it is switched off

   Spaniards watch TV 3.1 hours a day on average, according to figures from a study conducted by Samsung, which means that for almost 21 hours a day television sets occupy a space in the room – most of them the most important – without fulfill any other function. With the intention of presenting a “unique” experience to the consumer and opening its range of customers to “those who do not like to have a television at home”, Samsung has presented this Tuesday in Paris its biggest innovation in the field of design: The Frame.

This “new way of watching television” bets equally on design and technology. The design of The Frame televisions is based on a frame hung on a wall when the ‘art mode’ is connected, where instead of melting black like a conventional television, the screen becomes a work of art. Thus, users will have a picture on the wall that is sometimes a conventional television.

Samsung has reached an agreement with more than 100 artists so that their televisions show works of different themes such as landscapes, architecture, fauna, action or drawing. In addition, you can also configure with your own photos. “It may sound like digital photo frames long ago, but this goes much further, it is a decoration element capable of functioning as a television”, explained Nacho Monge, responsible for TV and AV marketing Samsung Spain. .

Among its most technical characteristics, its ability to detect if there is someone in the room to stay on or move to art mode, as well as detect the brightness of the space where it is placed and adapt the intensity of the colors depending on it. “It’s a TV that does not look like it and adapts to your way of life,” says Monge.

During the presentation at the Louvre Museum in Paris, HS Kim, president of the Visual Display division of Samsung Electronics, pointed out that The Frame is equipped with Samsung’s new invisible cable and “no gap” wall mount, which allows users to “fit it without problem anywhere without unsightly cables being a problem”.

One step further: the QLED arrives

Likewise, Samsung has presented its QLED technology – although the world launch was made at the CES in Las Vegas last January – a step further on the screens for new TVs based on a metallic ‘quantum dot’ nanoparticle technology, which It includes the viewing angle, the volume of color, the brightness and the high contrast.

QLED TV can reproduce accurate colors and 100% of the volume of color – the highest level of the market today, which has earned it the certification of Verband Deutscher Elektrotechnieker (VDE), one of the largest scientific-technical associations in Europe.

The deep black levels and high contrast of QLED TV provide a “consistent viewing experience,” they say from Samsung, regardless of the light in the room. This technology can generate a luminosity peak of between 1,500 and 2,000 nits, without impacting on its ability to reproduce accurate and impeccable colors.

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