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Spain in the head of payment by mobile content

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Spain in the head of payment by mobile content

The Spanish are the European leaders in connection through the smartphone

   Adoption in everyday life is a fact on the part of Western consumers. At the head of the classification of European consumption in southern Europe is France, followed closely by Spain.

According to a Telecoming study, 14% of the average French invoice is dedicated to content, while in Spain the percentage is reduced to 12%. The payment of content through mobile is the preferred activity for French and Spanish users.

   The digital content has increased its weight on the mobile bill of the users of the south of Europe during the last years. The telephone bill is a very powerful payment channel for digital content and services provided by the new European Payment Services Directive. It is a means that could be consolidated in the future, says Roberto Monge, CCO of Telecoming.

The payment through the mobile is a habit more and more extended between the European users. In 2016, 54% used their mobile phones to buy, a figure 3 times higher than in previous years.

The report also notes that 80% of Europeans surfed the Internet through their mobile phones in 2016. In this regard, it is worth noting that Spain leads Internet connections through mobile phones in Europe.

93% of the Spanish population connects to the Internet with their mobile device. The Netherlands (88%) and the United Kingdom (86%) are in the second and third positions of the European podium of Internet connections.

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