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Spaniards connect to the internet four hours a day

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Spaniards connect to the internet four hours a day

The mobile is the favorite device for surfing the net among women

   40% of Spaniards connect to the Network more than 4 hours each day: 27% between four and eight hours and 15.6% for more than eight, while 44% dedicate between 1 and four hours to their online activities, according to the Navegantes en la Red survey.

The mobile is the favorite device to connect to the Network: the percentage of users who use the smartphone to access the Internet grows up to 94.6%. 92.8% of Internet users connect daily through this device.

  The use of internet from the mobile phone continues in the lead, ahead of the laptop (73.6%) and the desktop PC (67.5%). The navigators are “increasingly equipped,” said the technical director of AIMC, Fernando Santiago, who has emphasized the increase in access to the network from watches (6.9%) and smart televisions (29.6% ).

According to the study, 55.8% of Internet users “almost constantly” access the Internet, while 38% do so several times a day. Researchers have pointed out that 76.6% of the participants would find it “very difficult” to have to live without Internet and that 45% consider that they “could not live” without a mobile phone connected.

In the field of instant messaging, WhatsApp reigns in Spain -93% of respondents use this platform-, followed by Facebook Messenger -52% -, while Skype loses strength -low 2.4 points to 35% – and Snapchat appears for the first time in the ranking: 8.5% of Internet users use it.

In terms of social networks, Facebook maintains its hegemony, since it is used by 87% of respondents, followed by Twitter, which with 48.9% increases three points with respect to 2015, and Instagram.

Reading news, watching videos and consulting maps are the most frequent activities carried out by Spanish Internet users, according to AIMC.

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