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They print a 3D house in 24 hours

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They print a 3D house in 24 hours

The building has 38 square meters and lasts more than 100 years

About 10,000 euros and one day is necessary to print walls and ceilings. In addition, for its construction, a giant 3D company is necessary, as Apis Cor presents it.

However, it is not the first habitable project carried out with a state-of-the-art printer. On previous occasions, the constructions have been assembled previously printed pieces in three dimensions.

Apis Cor has managed to create a device that simulates the arm of a crane and thanks to that structure is able to print the entire structure of a house in just under a day. The printer draws lines on the ground and from there it prints the entire home in cement.

The printer can rotate 360 ​​degrees on an axis, can reach 3 meters in height and has an arm that extends up to 8.5 meters. However it has a particularity and that its cement can only be dried at 5 degrees Celsius.

The first test of this Russian company has been carried out in the land of the country so they had to cover the machinery with special mixtures to make the impression. In total, 38 square meters printed by Apis Cor for almost 10,000 dollars, the total sum for the square meter stays at 250 euros.

The objective of this project is to create small, cheaper and accessible houses, where materials are scarce or areas of low purchasing power.

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