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WhatsApp studies how to introduce advertising

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WhatsApp studies how to introduce advertising

The idea of ​​the company is that future verified accounts of companies can send messages to users according to their searches and preferences

   Although WhatsApp is one of the messaging applications with the most users in the world, the accounts do not come out. Being a free app, the company is now looking for ways to get profitability to its more than one billion users through advertising.

After its purchase by Facebook, the company begins to test the introduction of ads as they want to monetize the millions of users who use WhatsApp on a daily basis, as confirmed by a document to which Reuters has had access.

   The idea is that advertisers can send advertising to certain users according to the searches they have previously done, as it already happens on Facebook with ads based on our preferences and interests. But WhatsApp is not Facebook, and the introduction of advertising will be done with great caution because they fear that this novelty may cause the flight to other messaging applications of thousands of users.

Because of this fear, the app is progressing slowly in this idea and is only testing a project that is not confirmed to become a reality. For 2017, the creators have in mind to implement the verified profiles of companies, as well as the erasure of the messages in the chat of the sender and receiver.

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