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28 people killed in air strike at a military college in the Libyan capital

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The military of the Libyan Government of National Unity issued a statement on the 4th that an air strike at a military college in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, killed 28 students and injured 18 others.

  The statement said that the “foreign air force”, which supports Libyan “National Army” leader Haftar, carried out an air strike, killing 28 students at the military academy and injuring 18 others.

  Photos posted on social media by the military of the Libyan government of national unity show that the site of the attack was stained with blood and many people were lying on the ground with ambulances parked. The photos also show that several wounded were being treated at the hospital.

  So far, the Libyan National Army has not stated its position on the air strike.

  After the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in 2011, the situation in Libya was volatile. At present, the two major forces in Libya are facing each other. The government of national unity and the armed forces supporting it control parts of the west, while the National Congress has allied with the National Army led by Haftar to control the east and central regions, major cities in the south, and some western cities.

  In April 2019, the “National Army” launched a military operation against Tripoli, fighting the national unity government army that controls the city. On December 12, the same year, Haftar stated that the military action of the “National Army” to attack and seize Tripoli had entered the final stage.

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