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India plans to establish theater system

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 Foreign media said that India plans to establish a theater command system, but the prospects will not be smooth.

    The Times of India website reported on January 2 that at present, although the Indian army is suffering from the tightening of funds, it still urgently needs to build an integrated land, sea, and air combat mechanism to enhance its combat effectiveness. In this context, India’s new Chief of Defence Staff Biping Rawat said that India will come up with its own theater command mechanism.

    Lavalt said in 2019: “There are multiple ways to ‘war zone’. We don’t have to copy the Western or other methods. We can have our own system. We will work together to develop a mechanism.” Although General Lavalt did not disclose Details, but the source said that the task entrusted to him by the government was to initiate and lead theoretical change and transformation, and to develop a roadmap for the establishment of the first new theater command in four to five years.

    The report believes that for the Indian army, establishing a theater system still requires some effort, because the Army, Navy and Air Force are actively defending their territory. India’s only theater or geo-command is currently located in the strategically important Andaman-Nicobar Islands. The command has placed the resources, manpower, and resources of the three armed forces under the command of the chief of operations. However, since its establishment in 2001, due to competition between the three armed forces, common bureaucratic style, and funding issues, the command has basically failed to function. potential.

    Over the past few years, the Indian Prime Minister’s Office and the defence sector have been discussing the need for an integrated command. According to the report, there have even been proposals to set up one or two theater headquarters for India ’s “northern border” (one each west and east of Nepal), a western command, an anti-rebellion warfare command, and maritime borders. One Southern Command or Two Peninsula Commands. Another Strategic Air Command is established, which can be handled by the Indian Air Force.

    The report said that the Indian Air Force strongly opposed the proposal, stressing that it was unwise to divide the country’s “limited air assets” into different theaters. After all, the Indian Air Force has only 30 fighter squadrons, and at least 42 fighter squadrons are needed to deter necessary external threats.

    Other important platforms face similar situations, such as airborne early warning and control systems and aerial tankers. A senior Indian Air Force official said: “The entire country should be treated as a theater of war. We have demonstrated through Air Force exercises that the Indian Air Force has the ability to quickly move its equipment from the west to the eastern front if needed. The same is true. “

    It is reported that the mainstream view of the Indian defense community is that India has as many as 17 single service headquarters, and now it is time to move towards integrated headquarters, so as to save resources and prepare for future wars.

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