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Iraqi capital “green zone” and other places hit by artillery shells

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 Artillery shells were hit on the night of the “Green Zone” and other places in the center of Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, and a base stationed in the US military north of Baghdad.

  The Iraqi Joint Operations Command issued a statement on the 4th that the “Green Zone” and Jadriah District of Baghdad and Bailed Air Force Base in Salahuddin Province were hit by multiple artillery shells that night, but no casualties were caused. The statement did not provide more details.

  An official from the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior told Xinhua News Agency that on the evening of the 4th, a Katyusha rocket landed in the “green zone” of Baghdad, causing no casualties.

  A security official in Salahedin province told Xinhua News Agency that three mortar shells hit the Iraqi military depot at Bailed Air Force Base on the evening of the 4th without any casualties.

  No attack has been claimed by any organization or individual.

  The “Green Zone” is located in the center of Baghdad and is home to Iraqi government agencies and the US and British embassies in Iraq. Bailed Air Force Base is located approximately 80 kilometers north of Baghdad and is stationed by US forces.

  On the 3rd, the United States launched a rocket attack on the Iraqi capital Baghdad International Airport, killing at least 8 people including the commander of the “Holy City Brigade” under the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Kassim Suleimani. Following the attack, the U.S. embassy in Iraq announced its closure and urged all American citizens to leave Iraq immediately.

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