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The main objective of the US Navy’s Second Fleet in full operation: “against Russia”

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 Foreign media said that the US Navy announced that the new fleet used to combat Russia has been put into full operation.

    The US “Defense News” weekly website reported on December 31, 2019 that the US Navy announced on December 31, 2019 that the newly rebuilt US Navy Second Fleet, based in Norfolk, Virginia, was put into full operation. The fleet began operations in 2018.

    The report cited the US Navy’s press release as saying that the Second Fleet will monitor and control operations in the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean and will play a limited role in training and certification of troops deployed around the world on the US East Coast. The statement on “comprehensive operational capability” indicates that the command and control infrastructure of the Second Fleet has the capability to perform designated operations.

    “In an increasingly complex global security environment, our allies and competitors are fully aware that many of the world’s most active routes are located in the North Atlantic,” said Navy Admiral Andrew Lewis, who commanded the US Second Fleet.

Lewis added: “In addition to the opening of the Arctic Ocean Channel, this highly competitive area will only continue to expand. The Second Fleet is committed to the development and use of capable troops, which will ensure that our country exists in the area when called upon. And prepare for battle. “

    It is reported that the Second Fleet will lead the final comprehensive training phase of ships dispatched from the US East Coast. These ships conduct high-level exercises to ensure close cooperation between the battle group and the task force.

    It is reported that when the US Navy rebuilt the second fleet in 2018, Russia was listed as the main issue for the new fleet.

    In May 2018, then-U.S. Naval Operations Secretary John Richardson said: “This is a dynamic response to a changing security environment. As we see this great power competition emerge, the Atlantic is a place that is constantly changing as elsewhere. Region, especially the North Atlantic. When we consider high-level naval warfare in the Atlantic, that will be the responsibility of the Second Fleet. “

    Since its reconstruction, the Second Fleet has assumed command of the “Operational Baltic” exercise in 2019. To this end, the Second Fleet established an Expeditionary Command in Keflavik, Iceland. U.S. forces have increased their presence there since Russian submarines resumed operations in the area.


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